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BSA Troop 304 History

Troop 304 was founded in 1920 and is one of the oldest continuously active scout troops in New England. In 1924 the Belmont Methodist Church became the troop's sponsoring institution. The troop meets in the gymnasium of the church, which is located at 421 Common Street, Belmont. Troop 304 is a unit of the Sons of Liberty District, in the Boston Minuteman Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Boys and girls of any or no faith background are welcome.

Troop 304 is a camping troop. Since 1957 the troop has exclusive access to a 40 acre parcel of wooded land on Federal Hill in Milford, NH. The site, called Camp Dalton, includes many campsites and has become the home base for the troop's active camping program. . A weekend trip is planned for every month during the school year.



Here in Troop 304, we are a very active troop and have a campout at least once a month. We have a large variety of kinds of activities this year. From a running race up Mount Washington to a family friendly campout on Nantucket Island; to a trip we call the Freeze Out during February!  We also are sending crews of approximately 12 people to high adventure bases Philmont & Northern Tier. Philmont is a huge scout ranch in New Mexico where you go hiking 50-90 miles over the course of a week, going to different locations to do different activities with everything you need on your back! Meanwhile at Northern Tier you are canoeing in the lakes on the boarder of Canada.  We have so much fun and that is only some of the activities we do, and we haven’t even gotten into all the merit badges you can complete and learn cool stuff from.  Scouts and this Troop in general are just awesome and boatloads of fun!